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Name of the beneficiary: ADA-MET CNC Machining and Service Limited Liability Company

The subject and purpose of the development: Application of new 3D technology in the field of component production

The amount of the contracted support: HUF 9,778,880

Detailed presentation of the project content:

Ltd. deals with CNC machining, during which we manufacture unique parts, create prototypes, and design various products. Under current conditions, this activity is time-consuming, expensive and, by the way, less environmentally friendly. With the expansion of our partner relationships and the increase in orders, we have set ourselves the goal of developing the technologies used and thus expanding our range of activities by entering a new area. Learning about 3D technology, which is one of the revolutionary new technologies of the 21st century, is a new challenge. With its introduction, the time spent on the production of parts can be reduced, the variation of the forms that can be produced is almost unlimited, thus the range of our products can be expanded, which enables us to appear on new markets and increase our customer base.

For the introduction of 3D technology, we plan to purchase 2 3D printers and 1 3D scanner suitable for the use of different materials. The printers are suitable for producing three-dimensional models from light-hardening synthetic resin materials, and for carbon, Kevlar and glass fiber reinforcement, e.g. parts. The 3D scanner is partially based on 3D printing. It can be used well if we want to produce an existing part, so you don’t have to spend more hours on planning, and you can speed up customer service. The scanned part can be produced with the 3D printer. Laser engraving can be used both for products currently in production and for new products planned in the future. With this service, we can place article numbers, unique pictograms and other inscriptions on the products. Since we process different types of products, it is important that the engraving machine can also work on a wide spectrum. The selected engraving machine is excellent for this, it can be used for steel, plastic and other materials. In addition to the previous ones, we want to buy a computer necessary for several phases of work.

Putting the devices to work would significantly speed up our work. By putting modern equipment into production, we can expect more orders, which increases the effectiveness of the business.

Planned completion date of the project: 31.12.2022.

Project identification number: GINOP_PLUSZ-1.2.2-22-2022-03962



Our company, ADA-MET CNC Forgácsoló és Szolgáltató Kft., is a young family business. Production takes place in the Berva Industrial Park in Eger. Our main activity is metalworking, CNC cutting. Our experienced professionals and modern cutting machines ensure quality work to the complete satisfaction of our customers. For our company, accuracy and high quality are more important than anything else.

we produce for different partners
we produce a variety of products
we produce parts per year


Our products are made with the greatest care and precision.




In accordance with customer needs, we undertake component production on our CNC lathes, including raw material procurement. Production of unique, small series and large number of parts. Turning dimensions maximum D570, L2000.


In accordance with customer needs, we also undertake cutting by purchasing raw materials. We can undertake everything from small series cutting to series cutting, up to a diameter of 220 mm. We also cut and cut profile brought in as a contract worker.


In accordance with customer needs, we undertake component production on our CNC milling machines, including raw material procurement. Production of unique, small series and large number of parts. Milling dimensions maximum X-610 mm Y-460 mm Z-510 mm.


Manufacture of welded structures. Pressure vessel welding. Construction/welding of heat exchangers.

3D printing/ Scanning

Scanning and manufacturing of products with unique, complex geometry.

Laser engraving/ cutting

We undertake laser engraving and cutting according to customer needs.

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If you are interested in one of our services, feel free to contact us at one of the contact details below.

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Monday- Friday: 8:00-16:00


Company Name: ADA-MET CNC Kft.
Headquarters: 3648 Csernely, Ady E. út 3.
Site: 3300 Eger, Berva Ipartelep 10. buildig, 2470 hrsz.
Tel.: +36 70 676 2633
E-mail: info@adametcnc.com